8 Top Best Keyword Research Tools that You Should Know

We’ll be taking you through the Top best Keyword Research Tools. You don’t really need to pay a whole lot to get the best SEO & PPC keywords for your writing business

Keyword research is an analytic SEO process. If you by any chance get keyword research wrong, that becomes a problem because you’ll focus on the wrong keywords, and this can jeopardize your rankings and SEO.

You would find quite a number of options on the market now if you search for SEO tools on the web.

They are all different in amounts, sources of data, features, and, certainly, prices. But the issue you’ll have is finding the one that suits your needs.

Right now, We’ll have to go through the best free keyword research tools. Each of them best fits a specific keyword research task and does the job no worse than their paid alternatives.

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Top Best Keyword Research Tools

Sit tight as we take you through the best Keyword Research tools that will your keyword search simple and easy. We will mention tools ranging from Rank Tracker, Google Search Console, Google Ads Keywords Planner, and many more.

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1. Rank Tracker Keyword Research Tool

Rank Tanker is one of the best keyword research tools used for finding the most adequate list of keyword differences and examining their SEO profitability.

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It is not very easy to find the best SEO keywords, Therefore to find actual keyword gems, you have to check for the possible multiple options from various data sources. That’s the importance of keyword research

Rank Tracker comes to play here mostly with 23 dissimilar keyword research tools in it:

  • Suggestions from  Bing, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo
  • Google Search Console integration and Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • SEO keywords Database your competition rank for
  • Question generator and Long-tail Keyword
  • Frequent spelling mistakes and permutations
  • And many more.

Certainly, If you use the above tools one after the other, you will definitely get a list of the amplest keyword ideas. Also, you can examine the keyword trouble and traffic probability of the keywords you get.

Free version:

You can successfully arrive at your keyword research using the 100%-free version without having to use the feature-rich paid version. The free version allows to use of all of the research tools as well as analyzes the traffic potential of the keyword.

2. Google Search Console

For your current Keywords, you can use Google Search Console to find “low-hanging fruit” traffic growth chances.

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With Google Search Console you can examine your current SEO keywords with their average Google impressions, position, and CTRs.

Check out this research data, you will get to find the least expected SEO shortcuts. Let’s say,  if your URL can possibly rank on the second or third page, definitely Google considers it somewhat relevant for the keyword. All the URL might need is to boost the SEO to push it onto the first page. When this is done, expect more traffic.

conversely,  you might observe that most of your keywords that rank on the first page fail in terms of clicks (low CTRs record). A little twisting of their SERP snippets or addition of the Schema markup could revitalize it in an unexpected way.

Free version:

Google Search Console is one of the keyword research tools you can use without charge.

3. Google Ads Keyword Planner

This is another Keyword Research Tool that’s used for deciding the type of keywords you can target with PPC and SEO

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Do you know that fewer ad bids make it sensible to simply get keyword clicks with PPC?. While in the case of others, excessively expensive clicks mean you should influence the traffic with SEO.

Therefore, before commencing any search engine marketing campaign, you should break the list of your keywords between PPC and SEO targeting. And the recommended place to get data is, certainly, Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Google Ads Planner suggests keyword, cost-per-click data, search volumes, seasonal traffic fluctuations, and advertiser competition in one place, and you can also estimate the likely PPC spends in your niche.

Free version:

You can use Google Keyword Planner for free.

4. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic can help you suggest keywords for voice search optimization and featured answers by making use of popular questions

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Google has the ability to grasp natural language and this led to searchers beginning to phrase their requests as questions instead of separate words. voice search has helped to facilitate this trend.

For successful keyword research, your content must give the exact answer to searched questions. Also, you should know that question-based content has a higher opportunity of joggling into Google’s featured answers or supposed “position 0” results.

AnswerThePublic is the fastest way to discover popular questions associated with your business niche.

Free version:

AnswerThePublic is  one of the free keyword  Research Tools.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

As one of the Keyword Research Tools, Keyword Tool Dominator is a great keyword generator for Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay.

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The way your customers look up keywords on Google is quite different from the way it’s being searched on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay. You could use Google to discover places to purchase products while Amazon and others are used to check for the particular products needed.

If you are an Amazon vendor, you should boost your listing for Amazon search and not only for Google Keyword research.

Keyword Tool Dominator is just the perfect tool to probe the Amazon database. But you must know that you can’t check the keyword search volume. What you’d see is a plain list of keyword ideas.

Free version:

Keyword Tool Dominator is a free keyword research tool but you can only make three requests per day.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of thr Top Best Keyword Research Tools you should know about. From it, you can Get the perfect Keyword for your local business.

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Those who understand how local keyword research works should know that there are different search patterns for different countries. Also,  the trend varies from region to region too. You need an exact local keyword tool because of this.

Google Trends is really helpful in trying to spot out the city/location search for volume variation. You only need a generator to differentiate two similar searches.

Let’s say, in Google Trends, the often searched request in US states,  New Mexico, in Tennessee is “personal injury lawyer” then you’ve done a great job if you request for “personal injury attorney”.

It is important to track seasonal fluctuation for keywords in order to reliably assume how these keywords will actually perform during high and low times.

Free version:

Google Trends is basically a free keyword research tool.

7. Google Correlate

Pull unpredicted keyword ideas using Google Correlate from adjoining niches.

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Have you ever thought of seed keywords for your business?

Google Correlate assists you with a list of keywords from new, unpredicted angles, analyzing the words, which your precise keyword matches with its seasonal interest fluctuations.

Free version:

Google Correlate is one of the free keyword Research generators.

8. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is just the right tool tailored for analyzing any Keyword while you are browsing.

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Keywords Everywhere is one of the basically a free browser option  Keyword research Tools that enables you to carry out keyword research while browsing Bing, Google, and YouTube.

Whatever you search will automatically be taken as a keyword and keyword search volume would appear instantly in Autosuggest. On the SERPs themselves, new keyword ideas are usually fixed on the right-hand corner of the page, This makes it easy to add your keyword list without having to actually leave Google.

Free version:

Keywords Everywhere is a free keyword Research Creator.


There you have it, Top Best Keyword Research Tools and How to do keyword research for free.

In order for you to have successful keyword research, you have to learn from an online course. just so you don’t lurk around to find the necessary information regarding how to understand keyword research, you certainly need to follow a course so as to get all the needed information at the same place.

We have made it comfortable and easy for you by bringing to you the Top Best Tools for Keyword Research. To get a proper outcome from this, you have to read through this content properly and try out the research tool that suits your need.

We hope this article was helpful. We will gladly appreciate it if you drop your thoughts in the comment section

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