Is My Website Eligible For AdSense? Check If Your Site Meets the Requirements

Is My Website Eligible For AdSense?

Are you a website owner looking to monetize your online content? Curious if your website qualifies for AdSense, Google’s popular advertising program?

In this video, we’ll guide you through the eligibility criteria and show you how to determine if your website meets the requirements for AdSense approval.

Understanding AdSense eligibility is crucial for website owners who want to generate revenue through ads. Our expert host will break down the key factors Google considers when evaluating websites for AdSense approval.

From content quality of site policies, we’ll cover it all. You’ll learn how to assess the following aspects of your website:

Content Guidelines: We’ll explain the importance of original, valuable, and user-friendly content, and provide tips to enhance your site’s content strategy.

Design and Navigation: Discover how your website’s layout and user experience play a role in AdSense approval, and get actionable suggestions to optimize your design.

Traffic and User Engagement: Learn about the significance of organic traffic, visitor behavior, and engagement metrics, and find out how to boost these factors for AdSense eligibility.

Site Policies and Compliance: We’ll discuss the essential policies your website must adhere to, such as AdSense program policies, privacy policy, and copyright guidelines.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear understanding of the AdSense eligibility requirements and be able to evaluate whether your website is ready for AdSense monetization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your website into a revenue-generating machine!

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Is My Website Eligible For AdSense?


Is My Website Eligible For AdSense? Understanding AdSense eligibility is crucial for website owners who want to generate revenue through ads. The key factors Google considers when evaluating websites for AdSense approval include: Site policies and compliance, Traffic and user Engagement, Design and Navigation, and Content Guidelines.



Can I add AdSense to any website?

Sign in to your AdSense account. On the AdSense homepage, click Add site. Enter the URL of the site that you want to show ads on. If you use Blogger or YouTube (or another AdSense partner), you should sign up for AdSense via your account there as these products follow a different process.

Important Pages

To get Adsense account approved, it is most important that you should have four promotional pages on your blog. Because without this the approval of Adsense cannot be obtained, so according to the guidelines of google, it is necessary to have these three pages on your blog.


How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views? Roughly $0.2 – $2.5 per 1,000 views. Although it depends on many factors including the content of your site, location of your users, time on site and device breakdown. Use our AdSense revenue calculator above to find out how much you could earn with your website.


These are lists of Google AdSense Courses you can find helpful online, some are free while others are Paid.

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There are experts on the internet that offer AdSense related services like approval, ad limit removal and more

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Google AdSense Tools are useful tools for those using the AdSense program to generate revenue on their Blog or YouTube Channel

  1. Site Kit by Google – Access Tool
  2. Google Publisher Console – Access Tool
  3. Ad Inserter Pro – Access Tool
  4. AdSense Earnings Calculator – Access Tool



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