About Us

The Vision of Short Crash Course

With Short Crash Course, you can learn the basic concepts on any topic and have background knowledge in minutes.

Learn anything quickly with practical straight-to-the-point short and concise crash courses.

The idea is to get a grasp of the basic concept as quickly as possible while still being able to get the job done like a Pro

We offer crash courses in different topics and subjects from the internet down to the Offline world.

These short crash courses are perfect for all types of educational institutions most especially Secondary Schools, Higher Institutions, Polytechnics, Universities, and Companies who wish to brush up their Employee’s Skillsets


Founder & Lead Designer

Mitchel is a professional Designer and Teacher by nature. She has taught several people how to design and enjoy the process.


Tech Course Creator

Chong is a Tech Enthusiast who loves teaching people about the Technology world and how they can become a part of its future and possibilities.


Data Analyst & Strategist

One of our creator that is passionate about her works. She pays attention to details while producing excellent works and materials.


Lead Developer

Carter enjoys creating courses on Development, Programming Languages, scripting, and app development at large.

Curious about how we can work together?

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