15 Top Best Universities in Cyprus- What you must know

Are you looking for a list of Universities in Cyprus? This article contains a detailed list of a whole lot of them.

The Mediterranean territory has a distinction for standing as one of the most famous visitor’s destinations around the world. It has well-pleasant waterfronts, credible culture, outstanding towns, and amazing traditions that make it an excellent location for an individual who enjoys touring.

And guess what? Cyprus happens to be one incredible country in the Mediterranean. It’s located in-between Europe and Asia, close to Italy and among European Union.

What you should know about Cyprus

Cyprus is noted for the affordable fee of study it offers compared to other European Union study countries.
Additionally, the number of students from other countries that seek to further their education in these amazing country are surplus, more than 65,000 at a time.

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Although Cyprus is a part of the European Union, most of its higher education institutions follow the American scheme of education, and that gives students studying in Cyprus a good choice of deciding on their educational modules based on their own likings.

If you’re the kind of person that admires real climate, huge waterfront, and time-honored history, I think, Cyprus is the ideal locality you can dream to seek further academy and increase your cultural limitations.

This writing is containing a list of some top Cyprus universities that will assist you to make a decent finding of studying in Cyprus.
Why you should choose to study in Cyprus

Episkopeio, Cyprus


The University of Cyprus is a non-profit known higher-education institution, Established in 1989, found in the urban setting of the elegant town of Nicosia, its population is a range of 50,000-249,999 citizens.

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It’s fully acknowledged by culture and was approved by the ministry of EducatIon of Cyprus. It offers course and accepted programs like master’s degrees, bachelor’s grades, and doctorate grades in numerous sectors of study.

University of Cyprus(UCY) further gives other various educational facilities and benefits to their students by providing a functional library, sports aids, barter programs, housing, easy study abroad, and good administrative support.

UCY welcomed international students to enroll in, study with ease and with affordable fees.

Entries requirements for students that want to be admitted to Universities in Cyprus.

Is normal for universities to set their requirements so that the students can have a look at what is needed before they can be able to get admitted in a particular institution just to make it easy for them, and Cyprus is not exempted from that, that’s why they have come up with these lists of requirements obliged before you can obtain admission into their institutions.

Though different programs with their requirements, but is essential for applicants to submit a well-certified sample of his/her higher education certificate indicating that such individual has completed higher education, and will also provide other important documents like:

• Higher Education certificate.
• Matriculation Examination Certificate.
• Scanned Senior Secondary School certificate such as; WAEC, NECO, JAMB, SAT, etc.

For Bachelors degree

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• Applicants should have a good secondary school certificate to be able to permit or her for admission in the Cyprus program.
• An authorized transcript for transferred students.
• Two sized passports.
• A duplicate of English language proficiency(optional).
• Copies of your already acquired diploma.
• International passports for transnational students
• A Master’s degree for students that want to do their Ph.D. or Doctorate degrees.
• Scanned samples of diploma certificates obtained from a recognized university. Remember all the courses are taught in English language.

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Is the Cost of living in Cyprus very high?

No, Cyprus Education is friendly with a facilitating environment, and trust me that is what every student would crave while seeking to study in any school. You should consider Cyprus if you like a conducive country where the cost of living is inexpensive.

The average expense of living for international scholars is between about €300-€700 each month. The price of food is economical, transportation is moderate, fruits are cheap, meals at restaurants are well garnished and at cheaper rates too, with a well-built house for accommodation at reasonable fees.

Is the tuition fee of Universities in Cyprus too high?

Nay, Choosing to study in Cyprus is pretty good and can not be compared to other universities in European countries and due to these qualities, Cyprus Universities has such as a nice conducive atmosphere, calm climate and most importantly moderate tuition fee which is more of the reasons International students see Cyprus institutions as a perfect match for their studying.

However, for transnational students, the tuition fees vary considering the degree one is about to pursue.

For instance, the tuition fee for a Bachelors degree and Masters for international scholars is less than €3500 per year, unless the course is Pharmacy, and for the Ph.D. programs, the annual fee is about €2000 to €3000 which is also based on the type, of course, you want to study.

Lists of 15 leading Credible Universities to Study in Cyprus.

Cavo Greko, Cyprus, Sea Caves, Nature

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Here’s a list of the Top Best Universities in Cyprus you can study. They are indeed credible and

1. Cyprus Science University.
2. The University of Cyprus.
3. The European University of Cyprus.
4. The Cyprus University of Technology Limassol.
5. Near East University.
6. Frederick University.
7. The British University of Nicosia.
8. Girne American University.
9. The University of Kyrenia.
10. Cyprus International University.
11. The European University of Lefke.
12. The Open University of Cyprus.
13. The Neapolis University of Paphos.
14. The University of Mediterranean.
15. Eastern Mediterranean University.


Visa requirements for international students aspiring to study at Universities in Cyprus.

Cyprus scholar’s Visa is given with the agreement the particular student comes back to his or her country after the given study duration. The visa is handed out by the Department of migration in Cyprus.

Upon the collection of the Visa, the scholar should report to the foreign department of the area police before seven days of entering the Cyprus city and also some medical tests are needed at the entrance which is expected to be forwarded to the area law officer before a week counting from the day you enter to the city.

The Visa processing duration is almost one month, however, it’s important to provide your application 2 or 3 months ahead of time before the due date of enrollment. The endorsed basic Visa application payment is between €60 and €10 for each entry. You will need to again provide your biometric data at the Cyprus embassy.

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Check out the lists of requirements below:

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1. Duly approved Visa application arrangement or form.
2. Application payment for students.
3. Sizable photographs of 4 new passports.
4. A legal International passport with stamps.
5. Evidence of English proficiency.
6. Confirmation of adequate monetary aids containing a bank statement that shows the students can convene the requirements of residing and studying in Cyprus.
7. Validated copies of applicants’ academic credentials.
8. Your medical records show your health conditions, whether it’s okay for studying abroad. The medical report will contain your blood matches, HIV, and X-ray.
9. Anuniquetanding certificate of good behavior that reveals you haven’t been involved in any bandits or in any kind of unlawful report indicating you’re a replica citizen administered by the law enforcement officers of your country.
10. A statement of the student’s academic objectives and involvements.
11. A letter of acknowledgment granted by the University in Cyprus and will include the period of your course of study and explanations of terms.

Applicants can enroll for a Student Visa at the closest embassy of Cyprus.
Educational admission times.

Cyprus academic year is split into the Autumn semester which operates from the beginning of September to the month of December, and then the Spring Semester which holds out from January until April.

New students are advised to enroll either in the Autumn or the Spring semester and bear in mind that other universities may have faster sessions than the Spring or Autumn semesters.

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Believe me, that’s a lot on Universities in Cyprus. We hope you have been enlightened on the top Universities one can study in Cyprus, The cost of living in Cyrus, The tuition fee of universities in Cyprus as well as the entry requirements for Cyprus Universities, From this article.

Basically, Cyprus education has been proven to be a devoted academic that boosts learning and opportunities for students. Cyprus is also praised for giving scholars good academic backgrounds with a conducive natural environment, and accessible facilities suitable for learning.

You can contact any of their tertiary institutions respectively to enquire or read up more on their application processes on how to obtain admission into any Cyprus University of your choice.

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