10 best teaching aid app for mobile – Effective Lesson Preparation

Let’s take a look at the best teaching aid app for mobile.

Are you an educator and you’re having difficulties with preparing lesson notes, making your classes fun, getting your students to turn in their assignments on time, and other tasks that come with being an educator?

Well, what if I told you I have a way out for you.

Being a teacher is already hard as it is, harder if you do not have the necessary tools to carry out your job effectively. 21st-century technology has made this easier, fun, and educational, as it is meant to be. It is even easier because the solution is in your pockets these days. 

  I’m referring to your smartphone, your android, and iOS devices.

 As an educator, if you haven’t fully embraced technology to enhance teaching and learning, you are so late to the party.

Technology has widened the scope of education by incorporating mobile educational apps, which greatly help the students and educators. The use of mobile devices and tablets was once restricted in classrooms but not anymore, of course.

These education apps maintain attendance records, and record students’ behavior, amongst other things.

As a plus, students can gain access to these apps anywhere and anytime. If you’re an educator and you’re ready to make teaching these young minds easier and fun, this article is for you!

With the positive invasion of technology into the classrooms, the following apps are perfect for the classroom and will surely help teachers keep track of student grades and things like attendance.

Other apps let you communicate better with both kids and parents. Some are just flat educational and fun. 

Listed below is a carefully selected number of teaching aid apps for students and educators;


10 best teaching aid app for mobile – Effective Lesson Preparation



Good thing is, that you can use Pocket’s text-to-speech features even without a stable network connection. Crazy, right? You can also save offline videos and view or present them afterward.

This can help you as an educator to download educational videos for your students over the weekend and play it to them during school hours

As a bonus, It offers multi-language support. This makes the students learn other languages for personal gain. 


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Do you dislike annoying ads? ClassDojo is the app for you.

A lot can be done with this app. It helps the teachers to monitor their students’ behaviors and communicates with them effectively. It can be seen as a bridge between school and home that allows parents to get real-time updates on their kids.

Teachers, in turn, can use the platform to send alerts to parents, send feedback to students, and even accept assignments. It helps everybody communicate with one another.




Via the Remind app, Teachers can share text, audio, or video messages as well as links, files, and images either en masse or targeted, to individuals or groups without disclosure of anyone’s personal contact information.

These messages sent go straight to recipients’ cell phones and can be translated into 70 different languages.

This is really wonderful.



The Seesaw app does wonders. It logically leads teachers through processes such as creating assignments, recording directions, providing student feedback, and sending family communications. 

This app brings out the best versions of the students. You can assess their strengths and weaknesses, by showing them the level of their success and the areas where they need to work on.

In addition, you can add activities and ideas to the library.


Google Classroom

google classroom

It’s one of the must-try teacher apps, to be exact.

This app is used often for learning. Some schools use the G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education). If your school is a benefactor,  chances are, you already know about Google Classroom. 

 If yours isn’t, well, get this, each student will get their email, cloud storage, and more. Teachers will be able to assign and receive work from students, communicate with students and parents, and more.

This is one of the best teaching aid app for mobile.




Kahoot has got your back when it comes to creative ideas to get the attention of your students. Want to know how? 

The app will turn the questions and answers prepared by you into an instantly playable and fun game, while your students can join in the excitement by downloading the app. Great, yes? 

Interesting fact, this app is equipped with a highly responsive User Interface.

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This is a communication app specifically designed for students and educators. 

Here, chats are easily created, even with people who don’t have a smartphone. All students are assigned a proper caller ID when they register.

With Ringya, educators can remind parents about field trips, homework, or upcoming school class activities, chat

with other teachers about school or class activities, and get feedback from parents concerning the children. 



The shyest students are presented with the opportunity to engage in class discussions with this app. The traditional classroom setting may not allow them to communicate freely with other students and you, without some attention.

This results in them having a fully-inclusive learning experience. 

In addition, Edmodo has a built-in grade book, which teachers and students conveniently post and turn in assignments, helping you cut down on too many eyesore paper assessments. 



 Teacher’s Gradebook


With or without an Internet connection, this app can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

It equally integrates with Google Classroom, making it easier to bring technology into all areas of your class.

 Teacher’s Gradebook allows you to do all the admin tasks with so much ease, like taking accurate attendance of your class, recording grades, and generating detailed academic reports, as well as creating and managing seating arrangements.


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Trello’s initial release date is 2011. This app is available in 21 languages.

It is an easy-to-use collaboration tool that enables an educator to manage group projects that can be challenging when working on various schedules. 

For reminders, it can add notes to the Trello digital board.

You can also get an easy follow-up of your projects such as planning lesson notes, and writing quizzes for your students, from the idealization to the action.





Although this is mostly used by office employees, it is also famous and one of the best free educational apps for teachers and students. You can do a lot on this app with your students. 

Exchanging unlimited ideas and assigning numerous group projects is a rare benefit and the students can easily search older documents and get their files edited or corrected by the teachers.

You can go ahead and integrate apps like Google drive, dropbox, and others with it. You should try this app!

This is one of the best teaching aid app for mobile.





You can create slides that include text, video, images, websites, questions, quizzes, polls, and assignments for your students with this app. The app also allows you to keep records of students’ progress. 

Nearpod is easy to use for the creation of lesson plans, presentations, and assessments. 

It empowers teachers with unlimited access to everything they need to engage students to make learning easier and fun. 


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Although this app is only available for Android devices, it still does wonders. 

Though it is similar to other educational apps, the app tracks a student’s performance across all their lessons and over time.

What’s even better is, that the teacher can see progression metrics as well and can intervene in real-time making it the perfect tool for differentiation and immediate feedback for every student.

 So many mind-blowing features for an app only available for Android.



A lot of people are unaware of the fact that, this app is way more versatile than you may think.

All teachers that work with young learners can integrate the PBS KIDS Video app into their lessons to enhance a child’s learning experience.

We are aware of how much kids love watching videos more than reading, this will be an excellent resource if you want to add some videos to your lesson plan.

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This was the most used app in 2020. People use Zoom for work, education purposes, or everyday communication. It connects millions of people in the virtual world daily, if need arises.

Educators use this app to their advantage by hosting virtual classes with hundreds of their students, conducting classes, sharing lessons, exchange files with students, and giving them  instructions.

Also, they can communicate directly or via the chat box within the app.

Furthermore, it supports unlimited individual meetings within a time limit of 40 minutes each. As a bonus, it supports up to 100 participants in its basic paid version.


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That’s it, 10 best teaching aid app for mobile.

With this post, you can see what others are enjoying in terms of teaching and learning, and now, you’ve been made aware of these apps.

It is very obvious how mobile education apps add power in the hands of educators to effectively manage and organize their classes.

Technology has been around for a very long time. With it, you can access everything you need for teaching and learning right in the palm of your hand, irrespective of  your subject area or teaching style.

These apps can make teaching and learning easier than it’s ever been before and a lot fun too. Download one or more of them today and experience firsthand how it transforms your classroom.

If this post was of great importance to you, let’s see you hit the share button. Thanks for checking this out!

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