5 Top Best Golf courses in Austria – Pictures, Location & more

Have you been wondering which Golf Courses in Austria is the best? Then you should read this article.

As a mountainous nation, Austria has several golf courses that are the perfect for the game.

Golf is unlike any other sport in terms of its intricacy, execution, and variety of courses. Best Golf Courses are dedicated to achieving perfection and maintaining high-quality standards.

For us, this entails providing golfers with more than they may anticipate.

The detailed quality standards of Best Golf Austria are used to objectively evaluate golf clubs.

From the condition of the fairways and greens to the overall aesthetic of the property, including the clubhouse, player service facilities, shops, and the quality of the employees, the highest standards must be fulfilled.

We assessed the Best Golf Courses in Austria using a questionnaire that includes a lot of specific questions on quality parameters such as location, attributes, and service quality.

Now, without wasting time let’s dive into today’s deal.

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Five (5) Top Best Golf Courses in Austria

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Below are the top-rated golf courses situated in Austria. If you’re in Austria or planning to travel there, You can stop at any of these courses and  have some fun

Eichenheim Golf Club

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Eichenheim Golf Club is in of the best Golf Courses in Austria.

This new Kyle Phillips-designed Eichenheim course, located in the old Medieval hamlet of Kitzbühel high in the Austrian Alps, is one of the best Mountain courses on the continent and an obvious standout in golf-deprived Austria.

The course, which is located on steeply undulating terrain, overlooks the surrounding Alpine landscape and offers spectacular views of distant mountain peaks, deciduous woods, natural waterways, and picturesque gorges.

Phillips’ routing is nicely balanced and manages to cram in enough good golf to make the layout entertaining, despite some difficulties getting all of the necessary acreage to create the course.

The holes that are positioned to use the snow-capped peaks and Alpine valleys as a background are the most memorable, with the short par four 7th hole being the highlight as it climbs and turns to confront one of the region’s most massive mountains.

For this project, Phillips used a decidedly American architectural approach, with enormous artistic bunkering to draw the eye and greens created with steps and tiers and surrounded by mounding.

The track is mountainous in spots, making walking difficult, but you’ll need somewhere to put your camera, so a cart isn’t out of the question.

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Adamstal Golf Club

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Adamstal Golf Club is one of the top-rated golf courses in Austria.

It assesses the clubs using a questionnaire that includes over 100 specific questions on quality parameters such as location attributes and service quality.

Only when multiple testers have weighed in on whether the standards have been completed and the club has been granted permission to use the best golf courses quality seal is a decision made.

It is one of the most gorgeous golf courses in the world, and it is unquestionably one of Austria’s greatest.

The clear, fresh Alpine mountain air is truly magnificent, as is the forested, undulating valley landscape.

Adamstal Golf Club was founded in 1995 by former Austrian rally driver Franz Wittmann, who set out a 9-hole course in the heart of Lower Austria.

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In 1998, Canadian-born Jeff Howes was tasked with expanding the course to 18 holes, the same year he was requested to harden up Fota Island in preparation for the first Irish Open.

However, has almost 25 years of expertise working with some of the world’s best architects, including Jack Nicklaus.

Their design is based on the natural contours of the country, and this incredible mountain course is one of his crowning works.

All of the holes at Adamstal are named, and each one presents a unique image. It’s crucial to stay focused under these conditions if you want to do well.

The 5th hole offers panoramic views of the Unterberg peak, with rock formations (found during fairway building) a major feature on this medium-length par four.

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FontanaGolf & Sport Club

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Fontana Golf & Sport Club is one of the popular golf courses in Austria.

This golf course is a large budget resort/country club complex on the outskirts of Vienna that was previously a flat field.

Doug Carrick, a Canadian architect, designed the course and began construction by excavating a massive lake that is visible from the clubhouse balcony and serves as the focal point of holes 17 and 18.

For example, the split fairway 8th hole was bad since the right side was huge, easy to smash from the tee, and provided a far easier path into the green.

Many of the flaws in the original design were to be corrected in a 2006 redesign effort, which included the addition of 80-plus traps and a modest narrowing and reshaping of the landing zones.

The original issue with Fontana was the shape and size of the playing corridors, which are so big that slicing away from the tee is very stress-free and simple.

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Schloss Schönborn Golf Club

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Schloss Schönborn Golf Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Austria

Schloss Schönborn may be “only” a typical parkland course, but it has to be one of the classiest, and the entire day there was such an experience that I rank this golf club as the greatest I have ever played in Austria.

Look no farther than Schloss Schönborn if you’re seeking a spectacular golf experience near Vienna.

The course was established on the Schönborn estate, surrounding the impressive 18th-century castle, where the current heir of the family who built it still lives while allowing the golf club to use part of its annex buildings for reception, pro-shop, and the restaurant’s main patio and reception room.

The topography is slightly sloping for the first 9 holes, then absolutely flat for the remainder of the course, which includes the extra 9 holes 19-27 (dubbed “outside the grounds” holes since they were created on the opposite side of the estate’s encircling wall).

The holes were designed around the estate’s park’s mature, existing trees (a 300-year-old tree stands just outside the 16th green), as well as a lake that comes into play on the course’s final sections.

The environment was magnificent throughout the course, even though I played it in early October before the trees changed to fall hues.

However, you should not allow the scenery to get in the way of your golf game.

The course is long enough, with 6487 meters from the tips and 5449 meters from the red tees, so there’s no time to waste!

For your reference, the course has a scratch score of 74.6 and a slope of 139, for a par of 73 when played from the white tees.

The toughest rated hole is #2, where the major challenge is the distance required to reach the turn of this dogleg right par-four; the next hole is a lengthy par-five with a gentle double dogleg right, with no breathing room.

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Colony Club Gutenhof


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Colony Club Gutenhof is just 10 kilometers south of Vienna, and it was Austria’s first club to provide a full 36-hole facility, with two 18-hole courses to select from – East and West.

The West course is commonly regarded as the superior of the two courses. Kurt Rossknecht and Hans Erhardt created both courses, which first opened for play in 1989.

This course may be flat from the back tees, but it’s no joke… especially for players who start from any tee forward! In reality, the club features six sets of tees, the shortest of which plays about 5,200 meters, which makes it much longer than the standard red tees on the course.

I would advocate using the blue tees, which are still 5,931 meters, for men with handicaps that are greater than 15.

In reality, in light of recent suggestions in several nations about beginning tees, male guests should be warned and urged at the front desk not to play from the white or yellow tees systematically, but rather from tees that correspond to their handicap range.

One unique characteristic of Colony (or Himberg, as the locals call it, after the name of the nearby community) is that one course is constantly open with no tee times scheduled.

The East course is usually the one where you walk up to the first tee and wait for your time to tee off, but on the day we played, there was a tournament on that course, so the West course was the one where you just walked up to the first tee and waited for your turn to tee off.

Most people believe the West course is the more difficult of the two, yet it is not too taxing on the brain on the surface.

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