Study In Portugal Without IELTS – A Comprehensive Insight

Do you know you can Study in Portugal without IELTS? To see how this works, you should read through this post carefully.

There are lots of international students, who travel to Portugal for their higher studies. Most universities in Portugal offer education to students to study without the IELTS test.

Universities in Portugal are well-known for converting foreign certifications and qualifications to entry requirements.

More so, educational qualifications from your home country are competent enough for your application – grades are then converted to the Portuguese grading points system which differs depending on the institution you’re applying to.

From the cold and Breathtaking mountains in the north, the picturesque scenery of beaches at the Algarve in the South and the intriguing culture and nightlife of major cities like Porto and Lisbon, this small nation of Portugal is a vast and exciting place to choose to study as international students.

Portugal vaunts over 125 private and public higher institutions for education. With a globally recognized education system, international students wanting to study in Portugal can look into studying abroad with an experience of a lifetime!

Portugal is home to some of the most prestigious and top-ranked universities in the world. Below are out-listed points on how to study in Portugal.

How to Study in Portugal Without IELTS

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the top essential English language tests in the world which require proof of language capabilities. For many, getting the required grades in IELTS is challenging for their university admissions. If you are among them, there is good news for you.

Yes, you can choose a Portuguese university to study with or without IELTS to further your education. Several institutions in Portugal do not demand nor require IELTS provided that the previous education or upper secondary school the student completed in the English language.

EU students can sometimes forgo the test most institutions offer and instead present their final examination results from their home country. Non-EU students will take the exam at the Portuguese embassy in their home country if it’s needed.

To learn whether you need to pass an exam before applying to study a program of your choice, you should seek advice from the student’s affairs division or Higher Admissions Office.

Over 40,000 international students choose Portugal as their preferred choice as a study abroad destination every year, duly for a good reason. Portugal has a lower cost of living and tuition fees i.e. cheaper in comparison to many other European countries.

International students  with a low budget have nothing to worry about and can be assured that Portugal offers top and quality education with the intriguing vibrancy of the cultural lifestyle, without running low on funds or out of budget.

So, does Portuguese sound like your dream and study destination? you can make it happen.

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Educational System in Portugal

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You can study in Portugal without IELTS in any level of education of your choice.

Bachelor’s Degree in Portugal

All universities and polytechnics in Portugal offer bachelor’s degrees. In order to study at the Bachelor’s level in Portugal, International students need to present a certificate of upper secondary education, and must also pass the Portuguese entrance exam.

You can receive your degree in three to four years of study. As well as studying for a bachelor’s degree in Portugal in English.

Master’s  Degree in Portugal

To further your masters in Portugal, applicants will need to acquire a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent diploma. Masters can also be studied in Portugal. You will need to study for 1 or 2 years to obtain a master’s degree.

However, there are a few more professional courses that take a longer time to study also depending on the course of studies such as medicine and law.

Ph.D. in Portugal

Ph.D. degrees can be obtained at universities in Portugal. These are independent research degrees directed by academics who are professionals in their fields.

Students furthering their education in Ph.D. are required to publicly defend their thesis at the end of their study program. Ph.D. in Portuguese universities can take up to three years of study and along comes research.

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Top Universities in Portugal

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Portugal is home to several highly ranked universities in Europe. With the world university ranking, Universities in Portugal have top-ranking universities. Here is the list of universities in Portugal for international students:


Universities to Study in Portugal  without  IELTS

These schools accepts admission for international students without IELTS.


If English is not on your certificate or as a primary language, you may need to prove your proficiency and excellence in English as Requirements vary significantly from one program study to another.

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Degree Courses in Portugal in English

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The courses taught in English are one of the reasons international students are attracted to Portugal.

There are several educational programs available at Portugal English universities And these are the most popular courses for international students in English speaking universities in Portugal:

  • Computer Sciences
  • Study Biomedical engineering
  • Study Nursing in Portugal
  • Study Finance in Portugal
  • Study Medicine in Portugal
  • Study Medicine in Portugal
  • Study Finance in Portugal
  • Study Architecture in Portugal
  • Study Management in Portugal
  • Study Nursing in Portugal
  • Study Engineering in Portugal
  • Study Culinary Arts in Portugal
  • Study General Engineering

Degree Courses in Portugal in Portuguese

There are plenty of study programs you can choose from. International students can also decide to study any of these professional courses in Portugal.

  • Medicine in Portugal
  • Finance in Portugal
  • Architecture in Portugal
  • Management in Portugal
  • Nursing in Portugal
  • Engineering in Portugal
  • Culinary Arts in Portugal

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How to  Apply to Study in Portugal Without IELST

Search for a degree course in any Portuguese institution according to your education level and pay close attention to the language taught and of study. Some are taught in English, while others require students to have the most knowledge in Portuguese.

Your high school degree should officially be recognized at a Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country or at the local embassy in Portugal. If you have any questions, you could ask for the advisors from the Higher Education Admission Offices.

Required Language for a Portuguese University

Mostly, the following English tests are accepted for admissions

  • IELTS Academic
  • C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency
  • PTE Academic

You should check with the institution of study to see which English test is preferred and what is the minimum required score. At universities and polytechnics where lectures are held in Portuguese, you might also need to prove your Portuguese language skills.

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How to Acquire a VISA to Study in Portugal Without IELTS

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Students from international countries outside the EU/EEA region who hope to study in Portugal for more than 3 months must get a student visa before entering the country.

Outlined below are the requirements for a visa to study in Portugal:

  • A Valid Passport
  • A completed application form
  • Letter of acceptance from a Portuguese university
  • Academic certificates
  • language proficiency proof
  • Photocopy of key passport pages
  • Three passport-sized photos
  • Police record of good conduct
  • A valid health insurance
  • Proof of reliable monetary funds – either a bank statement or grant/scholarship.

Applying for a Portuguese student visa would cost you about 170 euros or more based on your country of origin. It will take two or three months to be issued.

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Scholarship Offers for Foreign Students

Portugal offers government-funded scholarships to both EU and non-EU/EEA students. How to partake in a grant, you must apply to a university that is recognized and approved by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

There are great varieties of scholarships, you can find financial aid programs for the other degrees as well. Foundations and research organizations in Portugal also offer internships to students.

Here are a few institutions offering scholarships or financing:

  • FCT – offers several funding opportunities to medical students.
  • DGES – scholarships, including merit scholarships and student loans in public and private universities
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – provides scholarship opportunities to graduate students in research Armenian studies and students involved in research projects in the Portuguese language and culture.

Cost of Studying in Portugal for International Students

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Tuition costs in public universities

At public universities, tuition fees vary:

  • 550 – 1,150 EUR/year for Bachelor’s degrees
  • 500 – 2,400 EUR/year for Master’s degrees

The tuition fees stated above, mainly apply to EU/EEA students. If you’re not an EU/EEA citizen, you just expect to pay higher tuition fees.

Most institutions’ cost of fees may differ due to the programs they study and any higher institution might establish their fees.

To avoid being caught in a trap or loophole you should learn to know the cost of fees depending on your country, likely the price may not vary.

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Study and Work in Portugal

Foreign Students from outside the EU/EEA region can as well work part-time during their studies in Portugal. They are allowed to work and earn up to 40 hours and more during the holiday and in the summer periods.

Many students prefer part-time work, in Portugal, it’s both convenient and delightfully rewarding.

The work environment is very relaxing and inviting students also get enough time for their studies and even some time left for themselves and their extracurricular activities.

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Yes, you can Study in Portugal Without IELTS.

There are several great Portuguese universities you can further your education with IELTS  exclusive.

Several colleges in Portugal do not request IELTS provided that the previous education of the student was completed in the English language.

Now, you know this, Choose a school of your choice and start your admission process, Good Luck and Thanks for reading.

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