6 Top Portugal Universities For International Students

In today’s article, We will be looking at Portugal Universities For International Students.

Have you ever wondered where you could have the best fun, comfort, serenity, food, tourism, weather, great cultural heritage, warmth around you, peace of mind, good standard education, outstanding historical background, music, language, and all you could ever need or dream of to spend the best time of your life?

Well, you need not go far again contemplating and deciding on that, because Portugal is the best choice for you. Portugal is known to be a home away from home.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is one of the most popular European countries. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Its population is 10.31 million as of 2020.

The country’s religion is majorly dominated by Roman Catholics. It is known for its vast production of sweet wine. The upper Douro Valley is where the grapes for wine production are grown along the Douro River.

Furthermore, they offer tax exemptions to the residents. Also, their climatic condition is enviable. They have a low crime rate and relatively low cost of living, mountains, medicines, and good medical facilities as well as offer good quality education.

Educational System in Portugal

Portugal, Algarve, Benagil, Caves

In Europe, Portugal is said to be one of the most affordable places of study considered the great value placed on the educational system.

Coupled with the fact the country speaks Portuguese and English, quite a number of the population of the country is made up of foreigners with the higher percentage attributed to the international students who come in from all over the world to study.

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 The Top Best Portugal Universities For International Students

The schools (Higher Institution) are categorized into two main categories, which include the polytechnics and universities. The western part of Portugal consists of 47 universities and 74 polytechnics.

The universities are further divided into two, the public and the private universities. while the universities focus more on the theoretical part than the practical, the polytechnic focuses more on the practical part of the studies.

Tuition fee varies between 550 -1,050 EUR per year for bachelor’s degree and 500- 2500 EUR per year for master’s degree.

Here is a list of best and accredited Portugal Universities  for International students. though the tuition maybe cheap but there are other relevant cost you need to cover during your stay in Portugal, such as food, accommodation and study materials.

For the overall best university in Portugal, we have;

University of Porto(UP)

Palacio Nacional De Mafra, Library

University of Porto is a public university situated in the city of Porto. It is the second largest university in Portugal.

It was founded in the year 1911, with a massive number of 31,000 students which about 3280 are international students from all over the world.

The Institute is noted for its strong output of research in Molecular and Cell Biology, and the research institute of Computer Systems.

The university of Porto has 13 faculties, a Biomedical institution and a Postgraduate Business school. The institution adds Art, Music, Sports and Culture in the Academic experience curriculum aside its diverse programs.

It is one of the best Portugal Universities for International Students.

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University of Lisbon

Books, Library, Room, School, Study

The foundation of the university of Lisbon dates back to the 13th century.

In 1911 to be precise, the university of Lisbon was established and in 1930, the Technical university of Lisbon was established, and in 2013the two universities were merged and the University of Lisbon retained its name after the merge.

The University is the largest in all of Portugal. It consists of 18 schools;

  • School of Architecture
  • School of Fine Arts
  • School of Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Letters
  • school of Medicine
  • school of Dental medicine
  • school of Veterinary medicine
  • school of Human Motricity
  • school of Psychology
  • Institute of Social sciences
  • Institute of Education
  • Institute of Geography and Territorial planning
  • School of Agronomy
  • School of Social and Political Sciences
  • school of Economy and Management
  • School of Engineering.


Catholic University of Portugal

Man, Writing, Laptop, Computer, Write

The Catholic University of Portugal was established in 1967 and was recognized as a university in 1971.

The institution is a decentralized institution with four different campuses in Lisbon, Beiras, Braga and Oporto. The school consists of quiet a number of Faculties with diverse area of discipline.

It currently houses about 12,000 students, including international students.

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University of Coimbra

Books, Literature, Knowledge, Education

The university is a public institution established in 1290.it had been moved severally to different locations all over Portugal until 1537 when it was finally given a permanent location.

With its foundation dating far back to the 12th century, it’s been gathered from its unique architectural design and role in history as one of the oldest universities in Portugal and world, offering one of the best educational foundation al development.

The University consists of eight (8) faculties, also issuing of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate degree. Accommodating over 20,000 students, including International students.

It is one of the best Portugal universities for international students

NOVA University of Lisbon

Classroom, School, Education, Learning

NOVA University popularly as NOVA was founded in 1973.it is one of the newly found universities in Portugal.

They offer 28 Bachelor degree program, 12 Integrated Master’s degree, 103 Master’s degree program and 84 Doctorate degree program, all registered and accredited.

University of Minho

University, Lecture, Campus, Education

The university of Minho was established in 1973.

It is also one of the newfound universities with 19,000 students. The university campuses are divided into three; The Gualtar Campus, The Azurem and Couros Campi.

They offer Nine (9) Bachelor Degree, twelve (12) Master Degree Courses and Ten (10) PhD Program.

The University of Minho is one of the Portugal Universities for International Students.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Lisbon, Portugal, City, Urban, Bridge

  • Who can study in Portugal?

Degree courses are open to both indigenes and international students from all over the world who desire to pursue a course in any of the universities in Portugal. Both Bachelors and Master’s degree.

  • How do I choose a course in Portugal

Obtaining a degree in Portugal is quiet easy, though it’s one of the major decision be taken especially by an international student.

The tuition fee for Portugal universities  for foreign students are both low and high depending on the school. Some of the public universities are basically of low cost tuition fee and are affordable.


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  • Do I need a Visa to study in Portugal?

Yes, if your course of study is longer than three months, which is more likely so if you’re getting a degree. Depending on your nationality, the visa rule is different for all international students.

For EU/EEA/SWISS CITIZENS: Visa is not required but you’ll have register your stay in the country with the local authorities.

For Non-EU/EEA/SWISS CITIZENS: Visa is required and you will also need a resident permit.


Sunset, Woman, Leisure, Outdoors, Beach

  • Student Visa Requirement

When applying for student visa, the following documents are required:

  • Your valid passport or travel document.
  • Proof of your university’s acceptance letter.
  • Certificate of criminal’s record.
  • A Proof of enough and sufficient financial means for sustainability.it can either be proof of scholarship, proof of bank financial statement,
  • Proof of sponsorship or proof of financial aid of any sort and kind.
  • Recently taken Two passport size photo, based on the country’s requirement of passport type.
  • Proof of Schengen Travel health record.
  • Student visa application form proof of which will be provided for you by the embassy.
  • Proof of secured accommodation either Hostel(dorm),an invitation letter from your friend for your stay in Portugal.
  • School fee payment proof or you submit scholarship document where applicable.

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  • How Long Does It Take To Process A Visa?

It could take just a few weeks or three months to process a student’s visa depending on your embassy or your country of residence. But it is advice able to apply for visa immediately you receive your acceptance letter from the university you applied to.

  • What’s The Cost For Portugal Students Visa?

The cost for student visa is always made at the embassy and its always made alongside payments for the cost of purchasing residents permit application form and cost for submitting the application form.

The embassy fee is charged at 90 EUR. The cost for receiving the residence application form is charged at 72 EUR.
The cost at submitting the residence application form is charged at 83 EUR.

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How To Apply For Portugal’s Student Visa

Visa, Paper, Passport Visa, Stamp

When applying for the student visa, you must ensure that you have already gotten an acceptance letter from your university. And then contact the Portuguese embassy in your resident country.

There are some basic steps to follow order to successfully apply with ease. Here are the steps below:

* Acquire your acceptance letter from your university.
* Browse and Research the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Enquire where your application would be forwarded to.
*Fix or make an interview appointment with the Embassy.
*Fill your Portugal student visa application.
*Compile all required documents needed for the application.
*Ensure your student visa application fee is paid either by transfer, Bank deposit, online etc.
*Submit all required document on scheduled interview date.
*Await your visa procession.
*Once your visa arrives, make your way down to Portugal.
*On arrival, meet with the Portuguese Immigration Border Service(SEF) to acquire your residency permit.

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Validity of Students Visa

The visa you get from the embassy is only valid and expected to last for three months only. Upon arrival in Portugal, ensure you apply for Residence permit at SEF before your visa expires.

The residence permits when issued replaces your visa and as such is valid for just one year and it is renewable annually until your course duration ends.

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That was a useful guide on Portugal Universities For International Students.

If you are looking for the best foreign country to study, you should certainly settle for Portugal. It is an amazing country with scenic places.

The learning environment where the universities are situated are serene for studies and there are professional lecturers willing to take students through an excellent classroom time.

Apply to any university of your choice from the above list with the needed requirements and you’ll surely be admitted. I hope on that.

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