15 Best Universities in Greece for International Students – A Complete Guide

We will be looking into the Best Universities in Greece for International Students today.

It can be thrilling to get an education in a country different from your own. This way, you have a lot to learn, adapt to, and experience. If you are thinking of an amazing place to study, Greece should be an option.

Greece is one of the most amazing countries in Europe with great scenic and historical culture. Seated within the Mediterranean, the country is unique and iconic for international students to study.

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Apart from the country being an incredible place, the greeks make it even better with their hospitable lifestyle. Foreign students will surely have no regrets about learning in such a place.

There are numerous universities in Greece for international students and it could be sort of difficult to choose since you may not have any idea about them being a foreigner that is why we have thought it good to navigate them on this post.

Sit tight as we list out the top-rated schools in Greece that are best for foreign students.

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Top Best Universities in Greece for International Students

The universities that will be listed in this section of the post are ranked according to the Best Global Universities ranking.

They also base their evaluation on the performance of the school on research and learning as well as how high they are rated by the academic community members.

Here we go!

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the first on our list of universities in Greece for international students. It is located in Athens, it is a very large university with over 126,000 students.

As a foreign student, you are welcome to apply to this university for quality education, creative thinking, and innovations.

Address: Athens 157 72, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0727 7000

Visit National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Website


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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The second most ranked university in Greece is The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Existing as the sixth oldest university, it is large and has its main campus situated in the center of the Thessaloniki city

It has 10 faculties which comprise 40 schools as well as 1 single-School Faculty. check out the admission requirement on the website.

Address: Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece

Phone: +30 231 099 6000

Visit Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Website


Rocky Mountains, Sunset, Greece

National Technical University of Athens

You might be thinking about schooling in Greece but do not know which university to apply to.

Don’t fret, You are at the right spot as the National Technical University of Athens is very much one of the best Universities in Greece for International students that can help you achieve your academic goals.

All you need do is dive into their website to read more about the admission requirement of the institution.

Address:  Patission Complex 42, Patission str 10682 Athens

Phone: 210-772-1000

Visit National Technical University of Athens Website


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University of Crete

The University of Crete which has 5 faculties offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

If you are an international student looking for an option of the university to study, the University of Crete is wide open.

Don’t fail to contact the school or check their website for more information and inquiries.

Address: Heraklion 700 13, Greece

Phone: +30 281 039 3229

Visit University of Crete Website


Olives, Green, Mediterranean, Olive

University of Ioannina

For quality education and academic excellence, you should consider studying at this university.

It is one of the top-rated universities in Greece for international students

The University of Ioannina was established in 1964, it is a public university situated in Patras Greece and it has been preserving quality and distinction.

Address: Ioannina 451 10, Greece

Phone: +30 2651 007777

Visit University of Ioannina Website


Zakynthos, Beach, Island, Bay, Lagoon

University of Patras

It will be a great opportunity to study at the University of Patras as a foreign student.

The University of Patras is a public institution that was established in 1964 and is situated in Patras, Greece.

It is one of the most credible schools in Greece suitable for foreign students.

Hurry and apply!

Address: Πανεπιστημιούπολη Πατρών 265 04, Greece

Phone: +30 261 099 6683

Visit University of Patras Website


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University of the Aegean

Grab a degree from the University of  Aegean. This is among the best universities in Greece for international students and It is out to give the best education to its students.

The school comprises five Schools and 18 Departments that specialize in a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Certainly, you consider this institution.

Address: Mitilini 811 00, Greece

Phone: +30 2251 036000

Visit University of the Aegean Website

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University of Thessaly

The University of Thessaly is a Greece-based higher institution situated in Volos, Thessaly.

It was established in 1984 and since then, it has had international students flocking in to study.

The school provides a wide array of courses in both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Animal Productions, Agriculture, Physical Education, Accounting and Finance, Electrical Engineering, Social Anthropology, Sport Sciences, and many more.

Address: Αργοναυτών, Filellinon και, Volos 382 21, Greece

Phone: +30 2421 074000

Visit University of Thessaly Website


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Athens Medical School

Founded in 1837, The Athens School of Medicine has been providing an exceptional education for 185 years and that standard education has been duly sustained.

Today, the School has a record of 3054 undergraduate and 5000 postgraduate students.

With 60 mandatory courses and 99 elective courses in the Undergraduate Program, the school also delivers 65 Postgraduate Programs.

This is one of the best universities in Greece for international students.

Address: Mikras Asias 75, Athina 115 27, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0746 2002

Visit Athens Medical School Website


Library, Quiet, Education, School

Agricultural University of Athens

Would you like to bag a degree in Agriculture? The Agricultural University of Athens got you covered.

Apply to this university and get to research on the following:

Biotechnology, Agronutrition, Rural Economics, and Environmental Ecology and Agricultural

Address: Iera Odos 75, Athina 118 55, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0529 4900

Visit Agricultural University of Athens Website


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Democritus University of Thrace

The Democritus University of Thrace is one of Greece’s top-viewed schools for studies.

Since its existence in 1973, the school has been progressing and now has eight schools:

School of Humanities, Engineering School, Law School, School of Agricultural Sciences, School of Education Sciences, School of Economic and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences and Physical Education and Sport Sciences and eighteen Departments.

You should think of applying.

Address: Campus 691 00, Greece

Phone: +30 2531 039000

Visit Democritus University of Thrace Website


Alley, Stone, Landmark, Monastery

Athens University of Economics and Business

Athens University of Economics and Business was established in 1920 in Athens, Greece. It is known as the oldest university in Greece when it comes to economics.

Check out the school’s admission requirements on their website.

Address: 28is Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0820 3911

Visit Athens University of Economics and Business Website


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Harokopio University Athens

Harokopio University Athens is one of the best universities for international students hoping to pursue their academic dreams in Greece.

This University was established in 1992, It is located in Patras and it is the only university in Greece for online/distance learning.

You’ll love it here, just apply!

Address: Thiseos 70, Kallithea 176 71, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0954 9101

Visit Harokopio University Athens Website


Poseidon, God, God Of The Sea, Mythology

Hellenic Open University

Hellenic Open University is among the top-rated universities in Greece for international students. They’ve got good academic staff, a conducive environment for learning, and good quality education.

As a foreign student, you have the opportunity to apply.

Address: Aristotelous 18, Patra 263 35, Greece

Phone: +30 261 036 7600

Visit Hellenic Open University Website

Technical University of Crete

The Technical University of Crete is a state university supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education.  It was created in 1977 in Chania, Crete.

You can offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs as a foreign student.

Address: Akrotiri Campus, Chania 731 00, Greece

Phone: +30 2821 037001

Visit Technical University of Crete Website


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Reasons Why You Should Study in Greece

Greece is a wonderful place. There’s just so much to love about Greece, from the good universities, historical sites, good food to hospitable people, and a lot more.

As a student, not regarding the country which you come from, studying in Greece is altogether amazing. Now, here are the reasons why Greece is an astonishing place to study.

Greece has got the best Universities: It is without a doubt that there are a lot of good universities in Greece for studies.

Greece universities have quality education, conducive environments, great faculty members, as well as innovative research. It is better to grab a degree from one of these universities.

Room, Study, Library, Education

Affordable tuition fee: The tuition fee of the universities in Greece is relatively low. Apart from this, Greece is one of the cheapest countries for foreign students.  On average, you might only need 450-700 EUR for a month.

Beautiful sites of Greece’s historical culture and other fun places:  Greece has beautiful touristic destinations like; the Mediterranean climate, lovely beaches, great historical sites, and a thriving nightlife.

Delicious foods: Trust me, Greece has delicious delicacies that will make foreigners beg for more. the famous Greeks’ specialties are Tsatsiki, feta, olives, gyros, tsipouro, Metaxa, retsina, and ouzo.

Greeks live long and this is attributed to their kind of foods. make sure to try it!

Greeks are people-oriented: Greeks are loyal and hospitable people. they make foreigners as comfortable as possible. Try to reciprocate their loving attitudes and you’ll love Greece more.

Enjoy good weather:  Because of the geographical location of Greece, the weather is usually warm and bright.

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What to Study in Greece

The most outstanding programs to study in Greece with the best results includes the following:

Philosophy: What other place will be best to study philosophy other than the home of great renowned thinkers like Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle.

Architecture: Be inspired by the masterworks in Greece like the Parthenon, Acropolis, Achilleion Palace, or Olympia

Politics or History: Study at the cradle or will I say the origin of democracy itself.

Medicine:  This shouldn’t be the first time you are hearing about Hippocrates right? Well, He was a known greek physician who theorized ethics in medicine and many other things associated with medicine which are still in use today.

Science: The concept of Science originates from Greece. Also, some symbols used in math and Physics and equations are gotten from the Greek alphabet. The very first mathematical formula was discovered by Pythagoras. another Greek.

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The Death Of Socrates, Socrates

How to Apply to Greek Universities as an International Student

Foreign students have to prepare all documents required for application for Greek admission. The requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Language Proficiency
  • Proof of Funding
  • Transcript of Results
  • Motivational letter

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Tuition Fees and Living Costs for Foreign Students to Study in Greece

Greece is one of the cheapest countries for studies in Europe in terms of living costs and tuition fees. Some universities work on a tuition-free basis in favor of the EU students.

The tuition fee for Non-EU students would be anything between EUR 1500 to 9000 for each year which is low because of the cheap fees offered by universities in Greece.

This is one of the reasons why the number of international students applying to Greece universities keeps increasing year by year. The average cost of living for some people would be 450–750 EUR per month.

You should know that your lifestyle and decisions will decide if this budget goes high or low.

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There you have it, Universities in Greece for International Students. We have searched the web and brought to you the schools best suitable for foreign students to study.

Considering everything, Studying in Greece is exciting. You will surely enjoy every moment you spend there. Another enticing thing is knowing that the greeks are fantastic people.

So, go ahead and start applying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Greece. We wish you well

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