21 Top Best Universities in Denmark for International Students

There is this joy that comes up in the hearts of students who have been searching for a good country or university that will offer them the best study and where the cost of living will be considered too. Universities in Denmark for international students are one of the best universities every international student should consider.

That joy increases when such a student finally got what he or she has been craving for. To make this joy come through in the life of a student who might be seeking this great opportunity, we have come up with this outstanding information about one of the best universities you can obtain its certificate with a fulfilled mind at the end of your study.

We have written this awesome article to help you with the necessary information about the country (Denmark), universities in Denmark for international students, the cost of studying and living in this well-celebrated country, and then, the lists of the top 21 best universities you can study in Denmark.


Brief History of Denmark

Denmark is recognized as a developed country where one can live, be happy, and feel relaxed due to the cool environment the country possesses. Denmark is located in the Nothern part of Europe. Though a small country but a noble nation with a population of about 5 million-plus people living in it. It lies beside Southern Germany.

Denmark has been ranking higher according to the United Nation’s record in the year 2012, where the country made the first best country among other European countries.

Denmark has been the best country for good education, business management, and with an incredible average standard of studying or living for international students. Hence, if you are looking for a good country to study at a low cost of living consider Denmark as a good move.


The Cost of Living or Studying in Denmark

Denmark shows off as the best-developed country with an excellent history of higher cheap institutions and the average cost of living. And that made it easy for international students to crave Denmark university due to the fact that the universities in the country offer about 500 programs with all taught in English for both Bachelors and master’s degrees.

Denmark also has free vehicles, bikes, and trains all over the country which are always available to convey students studying in their universities, with the country’s lower cost of food and tuition fees that’s about €6,000 to €16,000 yearly, though the students who are from Europe, that’s students from Switzerland don’t pay education fees.

However, with the facts listed above and higher-ranking institutions in Denmark, there is a need for international students to make Denmark their first choice of country for studying.


Benefits of Studying in Denmark for International Students

The universities of Scandinavian in Denmark have been included in the highest best ranked for international students achievements for a decade ago, at present too and Denmark is also remarkable too, talking about one of the best universities in the world, Copenhagen particular in Denmark will be mentioned for its superior geographical region making it fast and easy for international students to tour and partake in other parts of the world and also it’s the ideal rate of living.

All these and many more are the reasons why a higher number of international students choose to study in Denmark.


21 Top Best Universities You Can Study in Denmark.

universities in denmark for international students

These universities are some of the best universities you can study in in Denmark.

University of Copenhagen

This is one of the best universities located in the capital city of the country, Denmark. It’s a public institution established in the year 1917. At present, it has almost a total of 20,000 enrolled students.

It offers a wide range of educational programs, with all delivered in English which is of great benefit to international students aspiring to study in this university.

Copenhagen Business Academy

This is a public institution situated in Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark. It offers a wide range of educational programs, with all delivered in English which is of great benefit to international students

Aarhus Technical Academy

The university is in a very apparent part of Aarhus city in Denmark. It was established in 1828 and happens to be one of the biggest institutions in Denmark.

International Business Academy

This school’s aim is to give theory and practice learning to improve and offer higher tuition to students.

IT University of Copenhagen

This is the freshest academy in Denmark town. It was founded in year 1999 to provide to give Denmark a remarkably great environment for learning.

Metropolitan University College

Metropolitan University College can be likened to a university of applied sciences with campuses in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the Greater Copenhagen Area.

The institution offers Bachelor’s Degree programmes, postgraduate studies, Academy Profession Degree programmes, and conducts applied research and development undertakings in welfare-sector subjects such as health, welfare technology, rehabilitation, management, education and social work.

Technical University of Denmark

This is a university in the hamlet of Aalborg in the North of Denmark. It delivers a vast range of vocational practice, it also has close to 45 thousand students currently studying in the institution.

Aalborg University

All degree programmes and research undertakings at this Danish university are project and problem-based and have an interdisciplinary concentration.

Through the strong relationships between students and staff and focused collaboration with public and private sectors, they offer degree programmes with a real-world approach and yield world-class research.

This results in new solutions, new insights into societal challenges and information that changes the world.

The Danish National School of Performing Arts

They are an artistic instructive institution overseen by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The school offers a modern artistic learning environment that fosters new modes of thinking, social engagement, and artistic expressions.

Through research and the development (R & D) of new works of art, knowledge, and methods spanning across various disciplines within performing arts, the school’s faculty and students advance its subject areas and make an impact on art and cultural life, both nationally and internationally.

Aarhus School of Architecture

This is a dominant establishment under the Danish Ministry of higher tuition & Science. Its objective is to reduce fresh architects or designers that can improve the physical home by engaging with society at large.

University College of Northern Denmark

University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) is located in Northern Jutland in Denmark and has campus locations in the cities of Thisted, Hjørring, and Aalborg.

They are a university of applied sciences and offer higher education and carry out research, development and innovation undertakings within the four main areas of business, health, technology, and social education.

Business Academy SouthWest

This institution is a provincial higher institution and research institution. It’s located in Esbjerg. It is administered as a national information hub of design and entrepreneurship.

Dania Academy of Higher Education

This is one of the 7 provincial educationals of higher schooling in Denmark. Presently, it has eight numerous campuses in Danish towns. Their programs focus on health, business, IT, and Technology.

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

This is a higher institution operating on 5 different campuses located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This university is a self-reliant owning alliance. The degrees schemes enlisted are generally related degrees, particularly in technology, Business, and IT.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music

This is a government education operating under the Ministry of Culture in Danish. It offers programs with commitment for the more Academy programs in music and it also helps to the advancement in Denmark in terms of its musical culture.

Aarhus University (AU)

This is a great general academy found in Aarhus, Denmark. It was established in 1928, with a whole lot of students of about 4,500 already admitted as of January 2013.

University of Southern Denmark

This is also one of the universities in the city of Denmark. It was created in 1998 and has its campuses discovered in the Southern city of Zealand and Denmark. It gives rise to a good amount of attaching programs in alliance with the University of Kiel and Flensburg.

Danish School of Media and Journalism

This organization is the general term of Danish journalist outstanding university. it was incorporated in January 2008.

Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education

This is Denmark’s largest institute that offers almost 32 higher tuition schemes to focus on business jobs that add knowledge to students, and also help to create value for several students enrolled in the university.

Business Academy Aarhus

These institutions offer and develop practice programs, especially for the personal enterprise categories. It has up to 5 thousand students studying including International students. BAA degree programs offered an emphasis on Applied grades.

University College of South Denmark

This is one of the universities in Denmark which was founded in 1998. It has its campuses discovered in the Southern city of Denmark and Zealand. It gives rise to a good amount of linking programs in partnership with the University of Kiel and Flensburg.



Denmark is a home for practically 6 million people living in the country as it invariably rates as one among the top best and affordable countries counting on the United Nations world record.

With its magnificent towns, highly advanced universities in Denmark, the country has the most outstanding education with extremely high rated research programs due to these extraordinary qualities of Denmark, its best fates for international scholars who prefer to have tremendous certificates.

Do check out the websites of each university for more information and also check out the blog page for more articles like this.