10 Top Public Universities in Spain for International Students

Public Universities in Spain for International Students, That’s what we’ll be looking at today.

There are lots of public universities in Spain for international students who are willing or aspiring to study abroad.

Are you searching for a good study environment that suits you? Or you’re currently considering which university is best to study abroad, and maybe you’re almost getting tired of searching because it seems you’re not getting exactly what you have been looking for?

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry anymore because your search is over.

This outstanding article has been drafted for people like you who crave to study abroad, it will show you the right path in pursuing your educational career in Spain.

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Is Spain good for International Students?

Yes, Spain has been recognized as one of the best countries in the world for international students who would like to further their educational careers abroad.

Because of its beautiful and conducive environment for learning, the great culture it possesses, the well-organized cities, and its amazing culture that attracts many people to study in this country.

However, the country is a good place for international students to feel relaxed while studying because it offers a simple, unique, and conducive education system.

This is the reason why lots of international students believe it’s a favorable place to pursue their educational programs.


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It’s also a good study destination with a conducive environment for learning to help develop ambitious students like you.

Though this country has many universities for international students both private and public universities, in this article, you are going to see the topmost available public universities in Spain for international students.

Let’s see the lists:

10 Top-rated Public universities in Spain for international students.

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There are lots of public universities in Spain for students who want to study abroad. Spain is highly known for high-quality academic study programs around the world.

The country makes sure its students are given the best academic success to support their careers, from offering a remarkable commitment to teaching, great learning facilities to providing a comfortable environment for studying.

Of course, Spain is among the best country every International student should dream to have an excellent educational program.

However, in this well-written article, we have listed some top public universities available in Spain.

Check below the list of the 10 topmost public universities in Spain for international students like you:


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University of Zaragoza

This is one of the public universities in Spain for international students. It’s situated in Zaragoza town of Spain and inaugurated in the year 1542.

Zaragoza Spain public university has close to 28,000 or more admitted students who are currently pursuing their educational career programs.

Due to what this University has been offering to international students, up to 3,000 international students have come from far and near to study, learn new stuff, build their educational careers, and as well to enjoy the conducive and great culture the University gives.

Zaragoza is among the interesting public universities in Spain for international students to enjoy their abroad study and have a great degree at the end of their programs.

The Complutense University of Madrid.

The Complutense University of Madrid is founded in Spain and was established in the year 1293 in Madrid.

It’s known as one of the oldest public universities in Spain. This university is offering close to 90 degrees, overall of 300 postgraduate and master academic degree programs.

Furthermore, this Complutense University of Madrid has currently admitted up to 600 students both international and local due to the satisfying environment, several extracurricular exercises, and comfortable learning opportunities it provides.

Lots of students rush to have their programs in this university.

If you’re an international student who wishes to study in one of the public universities in Spain, then you may consider this unique university.

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The University of Barcelona.

This is one of the public universities in Spain for international students who are willing to pursue their academic careers in Spain.

The University of Barcelona was founded and established in Spain in 1450. It’s among the ancientest public universities in Spain.

This awesome university offers knowledge that helps to build successful individuals, provides great research impact for students, and has been recognized as one of the best scientific universities attainable in Spain at present.

And because of this good record, this university as of 2018 was counted among the greatest prestigious universities In the whole world.

The University of Barcelona is ranking higher in Spain because of the good qualities it gives, and currently, this university has over 5,500 or more than admitted students currently studying with them, not only Spanish but also International students all over the world.

University Carlos Ill of Madrid.

This university is also situated in Madrid.

It was launched in the year 1989 in Spain and has nearly 20,000 both local and International students pursuing their academic programs with them.

University Carlos all of Madrid is offering the essential knowledge and creative skills vital for students to accomplish their educational careers because the University has professors and highly qualified educators who are willing to transfer their knowledge to the betterment of the students pursuing their educational careers.

As one of the wells do universities in Spain due to the efficient, extensive programs it offers like social science, engineering, as well as legal science, and humanities lots of international students have chosen this unique and well-organized university as one of their best choices to pursue their academic degree.

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 The Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the public universities in Spain for international students to study and obtain their degrees.

This University was founded in the year 1968 and it’s located in Cerdanyola del Valles a community close to Barcelona all in Spain.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is recognized as an outstanding public university in Spain because of the variety of academic programs opportunities it offers to its students including International students of all levels.


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This university has enrolled almost 25,942 students all over the world. It’s available for both pursuing their undergraduate, diplomas, postgraduate, master, and Ph.D. programs.

Lots of international students currently studying in this university admire the professional instructors and the conducive atmosphere which enables them to study, learn, and build their lives dreams careers with the support the University gives to them.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia.

This university is founded in Valencia, Spain, in the year 1968. It is one of the known public universities for international students in Spain.

This university aims to help students make sure their dream careers come true, promote their creative skills, give them the outstanding knowledge required for a better future and encourage the students to contribute to society at large.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia offers courses in various files of study such as business, science, art, and technology. And has over three functional campuses namely Alcoy, Vera, and Gandia.

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However, among the campuses, the Gandia campus is where the administration, labs, libraries, and lectures halls are located.

If you’re about applying to study in Spain consider studying in this school because this university pays close attention to students’ values and provides quality learning guides.


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The Polytechnic University of Madrid.

This University may be seen as the youngest university in Spain to compare with the above-mentioned universities. It’s located in Madrid and was also founded in the year 1971 in Spain.

Nonetheless, this university is also available for international students aspiring to have achieved their career goals in Spain.

It offers architecture and engineering with almost 30,000 students enrolled and at present, the University has about 205 departments, 9 research institutes, and close to 18 schools.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid is also one of the public Universities in Spain for international students that gives a lot of attention to make sure students studying in their school achieve their academic careers dreams. So feel free to apply to this university if you aspire to study in Spain.

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Pompeu Fabra University.

The Pompeu Fabra University is located in Barcelona and was established in 1990 in Spain. It’s a public university in Spain for International Students.

This university was called after Pompeu Fabra, a famous excellent linguist on the Catalan language.

Though the university Is quite young, it has greatly ranked above some top universities well known in Spain.

This unique university has at present 10,000 enrolled students running their educational programs both international students are highly recognized in this university.

Its goal is to contribute the right learning conditions for its students, enhance innovation also contribute to the growth and development of the country’s citizens by providing quality educational programs for future generations.

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The Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

This university is also located in Spain, in Barcelona precisely, established in 1971 and a public University in Spain for international students.

If you’re currently checking out for any good University to study abroad, this is a good choice of school to go to.

This University has about 22,682 students currently pursuing their undergraduates, 2,210 students in a doctoral degree, and almost 5,270 students doing their Masters’s degrees.

It offers courses like mathematics, engineering, and architecture, and then it’s also known as the biggest engineering higher university in Catalonia.

However, this university promotes quality education for its students.

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The Autonomous University of Madrid.

The Autonomous University of Madrid is an internationally known institution with about 30,000 enrolled students currently pursuing their educational programs and approximately 3,000 staff.

This university was founded in the year 1968, found in Madrid, Spain. It’s one of the public universities in Spain for international students.

One of the qualities that rank this university high is the excellent academic achievement it offers to students seeking their educational degrees in this country.

If you’re a student seeking to study or pursue your degree in Spain, then you can gladly consider this great university.

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The above list of the Public Universities in Spain for International Students has comprehensively shown the amazing universities where foreign students who aspire to study in Spain can attend.

When it comes to pursuing your academic career having the opportunity to study in a country like Spain will always be a great decision to make as it will allow you to enjoy its ancient culture, cheap cost of living/studying.

It also gives you the incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.

Good luck as you make your study abroad choice.

Thanks for reading and do well to share!


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