7 Top Best Scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students

Scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students, That’s our topic of interest for today.

Spain is the second-largest country in Europe and is the third most popular country regarding international studies.

The country provides quality education in all aspects including social sciences, Business Management, Science, and many more.

Spain’s education is well organized and with quality modern equipment for teaching.

This article talks about scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students. There are numerous scholarship programs available to Filipino students.

There are scholarships programs for Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctorate programs. Check out the list of scholarship programs in Spain for Filipino Students below.


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Top Scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students

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Are you hoping to study in Filipino, Spain but you have limited or no funds to take you? Don’t feel bad, this is the reason why scholarships are given.

Below is a list of Scholarships programs in Spain for Filipino Students:

 Istituto Europeo Di Design 

This is one of the Scholarships in Spain for Filipino students. This scholarship is open for International Students including Filipino students.

The scholarship offers Undergraduate level programs in all Subjects taught at Istituto Europeo di Design.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be an international applicant.
  • You must have written a proposal on ‘Hybrid Innovation’.
  • Must be between ages 18 to 26.


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Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree Scholarships 

Are you in need of a scholarship to study as an international student? The Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree scholarship is a good choice.

It is one of the best scholarships in Spain for Filipino students.

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This Scholarship offers master’s level programs in the Gender and Women studies field taught at the Erasmus Mundus.

It is open to international students and covers the program’s participation cost and tuition fees.

Degree Level: Master degree program.


Ph.D. Positions At Comillas Pontifical University Madrid    

This scholarship offers Ph.D. level programs in Business, Innovation, Sustainability, Business Management, and Regional Competitiveness.

These programs are taught in the Comillas Pontifical University.

Degree Level: Ph.D. level programs

Available Subjects: Business, Sustainability, Innovation Management


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ICMAB Ph.D. Program Severo Ochoa  

This scholarship program offers Ph.D. Level Programs in the field taught at ICMAB research institute.

ICMAB-CSIC is an internationally known public research institute in Advanced Functional Materials integrated into the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC).

The mission of ICMAB is to innovate new ideas in Materials Science through outstanding scientific research that is useful for society.

This is one of the scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students.

Degree Level: PhD

Available Subject: The Research Program includes five mission-oriented Research Lines to tackle three social grand-challenges: clean and secure energy, smart and sustainable electronics, and smart Nanomedicine.

The strategic Research Lines include:

  • Energy storage and conversion
  • Superconductors for power applications
  • Oxide electronics
  • Molecular electronics
  • Multifunctional nanostructured biomaterials


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Spain ICFO International Postdoctoral Position 

This scholarship offers Post Doctorate level programs in the Topological Nanophotonics field.

It is taught in ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences.

The scholarship is open to international students who wish to have more knowledge in their scientific careers in Spain.

You can be sure to get high-quality and comprehensive educational services in ICFO.

This is one of the credible scholarships in Spain for Filipino students.

Degree Level: Postdoctoral program.

Available Subject: Topological Nano-photonics.


Master Scholarships In Renewable Energy

This scholarship offers Master’s level programs in Renewable energy.

The master Scholarship program is aimed at responding to the challenges of the European Marine Strategy.

The Scholarship is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) program offered by four universities.

These Universities include; the University of the Basque Country, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Strathclyde, and École Centrale de Nantes.

Degree Level: Master

Available Subject: Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment.



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Masters Scholarship at Institute Of Neurosciences Of Alicante 

The scholarship offers Master’s level programs in Neuroscience which are taught at the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicant.

The institute has the objective of developing various scientific research activities to establish common services.

You can be a part of this scholarship, all you have to do is to get started.

Degree Level: Master’s degree program

Available Subject: Neuroscience. Research areas include developmental, cellular, molecular, and systems neurobiology.


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University Of Lleida Master’s Scholarship

The scholarship offers Master’s level programs in all fields taught at the University of Lleida.

Degree Level: Master’s degree program.

Available Subjects:

  • Health Education
  • General Health Psychology
  • Psychopedagogy
  • Biomedical Research
  • Management
  • Innovation in the Food Industry
  • Agronomic Engineering
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Wildland Fire
  • Science and Integrative Management MSc
  • Swine Health and Production
  • Forestry Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Informatics Engineering
  • Auditing
  • Expertise
  • Management Accounting
  • Information Systems


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Why Study in Spain

Though we are talking about scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students; it is also important to know little about the things you are set to enjoy while you study in Spain as well as the country generally.

  • Learn New Culture: Spain is home to a festival called La Tomatina (a festival where you just throw tomatoes at each other). At this festival, you have fun and learn new things attached to this festival.
  • You get wowed in Spain: In Spain, street names are changed to names of some most influential women in the world. there are various beautiful places you can get to see as well as the names of those places. Guess what! No word in the Spanish National anthem; just tune. In addition, Driving barefooted is against the law in Spain. Are you not wowed?
  • Spain is a globalized country: Spain is one of the most known countries across the world. Spain is known by many across the world either through its education system, Language, or politics. Spanish language second-most spoken native language in the world. Spain is such a place to visit, explore while chilling at the seaside. It is a great destination for international students to study.


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How to get a Visa to Study in Spain for Filipino Students

To study in Spain, the type D students’ visa is what you’ll get if you are a student from the Philippines.

This visa is made solely for students who wish to study abroad.

Provided you have enrolled for a program in any university of your choice and accepted, you can begin the Visa application process at least three months before your program starts.

After you have applied for the visa, expect to get it within 30 to 60 days.

How do you get the visa? Getting the visa is quite easy; all you need to do is to follow the steps listed below.

  • Download and fill out the National Visa Application Form.
  • Provide all necessary information and apply in person to the Spanish Consulate in Manila. Your details will be required including your biometrics for identification. Finally,
  • You’ll attend a visa interview to complete the Visa application process.
  • Proof of financial stability is necessary to show that you can depend on your own during your stay in Spain.
  • Medical tests and Language tests will also be taken by Filipino students before arriving in Spain.

After all these, you are good to go and enjoy your stay in Spain.

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What to Study in Spain

The most outstanding programs to study in Spain with the best results includes the following:

  • The Law Field
  • Popular Music
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Western American Literature
  • Spanish Courses
  • Fundamentals of Philosophy
  • Spanish Literature
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Hospitality Management


Top Universities in Spain to Study

You can study in the following universities in  Spain. They offer quality education as well as provide good scholarship resources.

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The above-listed Scholarships in Spain for Filipino Students are open to international students too. This means anybody from Filipino and anywhere in the world who wishes to study in Spain can apply to any of the above scholarship programs.

We hope you can find any of the above-listed scholarship programs in Spain for Filipino Students suitable for you to apply to. Apply for any dream program and for any degree you wish for.

We have included each Scholarship program link for you to know more details about the Scholarship program.

Read through and learn new scholarship program in Spain for Filipino Students as well as how to apply and how to get a visa to study your dream course.

Thanks for reading, do well to get more articles like this on our blog page



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