10 Top Best Cheap Universities in Estonia you can Study

We will be putting you through the Cheap Universities in Estonia you can Study.

Are you seeking to study abroad or looking for University that can offer you admission? Then, this article is composed just for you, to make your search easy and fast.

This amazing article will provide you with a piece of well-clarified information that will show you the right steps to follow to achieve your goals of getting admission with Estonia and it will also enable you to get whatever that you’re looking for about the institutions in Estonia.

All you need to do is to read extensively below, about the country Estonia, the cost of studying in Estonia (their cost of living, transportation, food, and accommodation), why choose to study in Estonia, the admission requirements, and the 10 topmost favorable universities you can study in Estonia.

About the Country(Estonia)

Estonia is a country located in the Northern part of Europe. Its capital is called Tallinn, it has an old town, top castles, museums, churches, a Tv tower, with a population of nearly 1.325 million as about 2013 world bank census count, their main language is Estonian, and its currency is Euro.

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Reasons you should Choose to Study at Estonia University.

Before considering the list of cheap universities in Estonia you can study, you should first check out why you should study in Estonia.  below are the reasons:

  1. Around 100 excellent grade programs are being taught solely in the English language which makes it easy for international students to have a partake in Estonia university’s programs.
  2. Estonia also has a well-established program for students including Internationals too.
  3. Numerous government scholarships are available and supporting stipends for fresh students.
  4. A well-equipped study project.
  5. Healthy and safe environment for students.
  6. A high Rated currency that will enable lower cost of studying in Estonia.
  7. Part-time jobs are allowed to help students earn while studying, and also students are prone to live and look for job openings at the end of their study in Estonia for six good months.
  8. Minimum students per class, as this will enable easy comprehension of what is being taught.
  9. If you choose to study in Estonia, hence, learning Estonian’s native language will be easy though it’s not compulsory, it’s advisable so you can be able to blend well with other scholars and grab the additional school activities.


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Is the Tuition Fee of Studying at Estonia University high?


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The answer is a big No! the cost of studying in any of the Universities in Estonia is incredibly low both for International learners and for all the students at large.

The standard education fee in a year for Bachelor’s and Masters’s degrees is €1,660. Only Medical students spend more than other scholars, so the cost of living and studying in Estonia is extremely cheaper compared to other European Universities or countries.

Approximately, all Estonia universities have affordable tuition fees, inexpensive accommodations, transportation is economical for both local and public vehicles.

Students always enjoy studying in Estonia due to its beautiful cheap rate of food. Also, almost all the universities made available cafes, supermarkets, drugstores, and often located just in a stone throw, that means just a small walking time will get you all you crave to buy.

The monthly living expenses range from 300 to 500 Euros, though this is based on the choices of the student. And in many cases, students are given scholarships to study for free in Estonia Universities based on their academic achievements and monetary capabilities.

You can always check on the school website to know the process of getting a tuition-free scholarship from any of the Estonia Universities of your choice.

Estonia Requirements for Obtaining Admissions into their Universities.

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If you’re preparing to get admitted to study in any of the  Estonia Universities, there are a few requirements needed to secure admission into the Universities in Estonia, below are lists of the documents needed:

  1. A legal secondary school leaving degree certificate that shows you’re privilege to study in Estonia.
  2. For students going for their Masters, it’s required you provide your Bachelor’s certificate that has a good grade, and also a nice Masters grade for students pursuing their Ph.D.
  3. International students should also make provision of English language proficiency.
  4. As Estonia’s native language is Estonian, students can decide to study in English or Estonia language.
  5. All recognized the English language proficiency test such as; IELTS and TOEFL, both are always valid though sometimes, some Universities may need you to provide a different language examination or test, and the basics average score for MA and BA should be 5 total for IELTS, 70 for TOEFL though requirements may differ depending on your chosen Estonia University because some may request to interview you, or you present a written statement in form of an essay. Estonia University entries deadlines:

It’s good you visit the University’s website as several Universities may have different admission deadlines for admitting students, therefore you need to make immediate inquiries about Estonia Universities in time to avoid stories.


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Amazing Top 10 Cheap Universities in Estonia you can Study

Have you been searching for a cheaper available University in Estonia you can study in? Then, search no more because we have compiled a list of 10 top best cheap Universities in Estonia with appropriate information to follow up, review the list below:

University of Nord

This is one of the government universities in Norway, it was inaugurated in 2016, and is located in Bodo where many of its 12,000 scholars live. It is among the cheap universities in Estonia on can apply for admission from.

Visit their web page for more information.

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University of Tartu

This is a refined University in the town of Tartu in Estonia. It’s the federal Estonia University, and it’s also the only and largest University in Estonia.

Estonian School Of Diplomacy

This was founded in 1990 with the goal of training eligible students or workers in the Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was being simulated at that moment.


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This practice was only directed to ministers of MFA. Currently, ESD has produced up to 500 graduated students handling foreign ties in Estonia and the school has made Numerous students successful by maintaining lots of sensitive offices in Estonia

Tallinn Institute of Technology

The Tallinn Institute of Technology was founded in the year 1918. It’s located in the country’s capital of Estonia and It happens to be the only technological university in Estonia. It offers courses like Public Administration, Engineering and business.

It is one of the cheap universities in Estonia you can study.

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Estonian Business School

This Business School is a special private institution located in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. It offers business associated higher schooling in bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.


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Tallinn University

Is a private study institution in the capital metropolis of Estonia. This University is one of the best biggest established institutions in Estonia and has been rated at the top among 1000 good universities worldwide.

Estonian Academy Of Arts

The Estonian Academy of Arts is merely the general university in Estonia giving outstanding tuition in art, drawing, art account, media, and architecture. It’s located in Tallinn.

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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Is the only public institution of Estonia that gives tuition in arts, that’s music and drama. It has taught a large number of prominent musicians, leaders, and scriptwriters, with standard education fees of about €1650 per year.

The Estonian Aviation Academy

This is also one of the public and cheap Universities in Estonia. It was constituted in the year 1993 and is located in Reola, a town in Estonia. It focuses on the improvement and study of the aviation department or field.

It also offers several courses which comprise of Air jam services, Airplane piloting, Aviation Management, and Airliner Engineering.


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Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Science

Is a private institution that was inaugurated in 1992. It’s also situated in the capital town of Estonia and offers cheap programs like Bachelor, and Masters courses with almost 1,600 scholars.

It program is obtainable in the English language, Russia, and Estonian which is the country’s native language. its important fields are software development, business start-ups, transnational Business management, and game development & design.

EUAS’s general education fee is between €3,500 to €500 yearly, and also made it easy for students to apply for jobs with corporations in the same profession as their probe at the end of their study.

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Above is a thorough content on the Cheap Universities in Estonia available for students to study.

Estonia is a dominant nation in Europe, and a well-civilized country with an intense economy, advanced in the area of technology, research, education, arts, economy, and health, it has been rated higher in the field of human advancement which commemorated it as the most orderly environment for learning.

It also offers considerable cheap opportunities for international students aspiring to study, and have a certification in their universities. Estonia is a nice country to reside in and study.

We hope this post was helpful.

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