10 Top Best Cheapest Universities in Italy for International Students

Let’s take a look at the Cheapest Universities in Italy for International Students.

Getting a degree outside one’s country is education itself and the idea of studying in Italy is amazing. Have you thought of a place with mind-blowing historical arts and creation, fun places like beaches, skiing, in Europe, etc? The experience in this country is worth it.

There are numerous schools in Italy for students who would love to study for their Bachelors as well as Masters program in different degrees of their choice. Follow us through this post because there is a lot to find out about Italy when it comes to education.

Without wasting time, Let’s get started.

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Reasons Why You Should Study in Italy

  • Numerous top universities with spectacular international environment

Italy has been a popular and safe place for international students to study and this is because of its multilateral atmosphere.

Ranking as the second most popular location for foreign students by the University Magazine, more than ten thousand students flock to Italy to study.

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  • Learning the Italian Language

The Italian Language is the official language used in Italy.

Italy has a very rich history and culture. In other to sell in areas of art, archaeology, food, literature, history, music, philosophy, fashion and design, and many others, you have to be fluent in the Italian language.

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  • University fees are quite affordable

Looking for the Cheapest Universities in Italy for international students, there’s a lot in Italy. Unlike other country’s public and private universities, The tuition fee for Universities in Italy is relatively cheap. In addition, you can get scholarships from the government as well as individuals.

  • Traveling around the country is easy

You could easily jump on trains and buses, with a little amount of money in order to get to your destination.

Approximately, all big cities are connected to European and non-European countries with a total number of 87 airports, and all the big Italian cities are connected together with 77 railway stations.

This makes it very easy for students who dislike using cars or planes to travel.

  • The Best Pizza ever

Trust me, you haven’t had the best pizza in the world if you haven’t tasted Italy’s pizza. Apart from pizza, Italy has good food so, you’ve got to choose Italy.

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  • Quality higher-education

Italy almost has 100 universities and numerous characterized institutions which exist under the auspices of their higher education sector.

Roughly a number of 30 universities were among the 2019’s QS World University Rankings as well as 12 in the top 500.

Most of Italy’s credible universities have existed for centuries, and all those years, they happen to have been training the world’s significant scholars and leaders.

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How to Apply for Studies in Italy as an International Student

  • Find a university and course of your choice

In applying for the Cheapest Universities in Italy for International students.  it is important that you identify your future aspiration as this will guide you in choosing a suitable university that matches your academic goals.

  • Find out the requirements

Each university has specific requirements that they need which will qualify students hoping to study in Italy.

These requirements differ for both national and international students. Be sure to meet their requirements while applying.

  • Language proficiency

Universities in Italy consider students who can speak in English or Italian language to be able to assimilate what is being taught in class.

You either present a document from your previous school that shows you can understand English and can converse in it or you take an English test prepared by the university itself.

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  • Submit your application

When the application is over and done with, you can submit it. Don’t fail to check your application a couple of times to avoid mistakes.

  • Wait for the admission letter

After all, has been done, you have to brace yourself and let the university play its part.

There are usually numerous applications to the Universities in Italy by foreign students so it might take a little time, let’s say roughly two weeks or more for all of them to be looked at.

You will be sent a mail from the school to confirm your admission status.

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  • Prepare your finances

Although the tuition fee for Universities in Italy for Masters is cheap, you need funds to cover your accommodation, food, transport, and other things.

The average amount an international student needs to have in his/her bank account is at least €448.07 per month as proof of funding to take him/her while staying in Italy.

  • Get your student visa prepared

This is the last step to a victorious application as an International student to study in Italy.

You have to acquire a student’s visa regardless of whether you are a non-EU or non-EEA foreign student, so as to be allowed access to study in Italy.

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The Cheapest Universities in Italy for International students (Bachelor’s Degree)

Come along as we take you through the cheapest universities in Italy for international students who hope to grab a Bachelor’s degree in any chosen course.

John Cabot University

John Cabot University is one of the cheapest universities in Italy for International students.

In Italy, you can get that amazing international experience. Study at John Cabot University in Rome to get good-quality education.

Tuition-fee for a semester : $13,000-$14,000

Check out more about John Cabot University

Address: Via della Lungara, 233, 00165 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 681 9121

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Studio Arts College International (SACI)

Founded in 1975 and located in Florence Studio Arts College International has remained one of Italy’s best when it comes to Italian art’s history. It will be a great idea to study at this university if you’ve got a thing for Arts.

SACI offers courses ranging from photography, video, to digital multimedia, and others. You will also have access to the contemporary art scene in Europe.  Spread your horizon in a whole new and fantastic environment!

Tuition-fee for a semester: $14,100-$16,600, depending on the course

Check out more about Studio Arts College International

Address: Via Sant’Antonino, 11, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone: +39 055 289948

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The Florence Institute of Design International

As one of the cheapest universities in Italy for International students, The Florence Institute of Design International is open to students who aspire to study interior or graphic design.

You should look into applying to this university as they offer a wide array of design-inspired programs.

Semester tuition: $10,500 for Bachelors in Graphic or Interior Design

Check out more about the Florence Institute of Design International

Address: Borgo Ognissanti, 9, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone: +39 055 230 2481

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Lorenzo de’ Medici

It is better to opt for Lorenzo de’ Medici. This university is one of the most prestigious and well-established in Italy for foreign who will consider studying abroad.

It is a private higher institution located in Florence, Italy, with sub-campuses in Rome and Tuscania. Take advantage of any opportunity you have and successfully bag a degree from this university because it will mean a lot for you.

Semester tuition: $38,900

Check out more about Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici

Address: Piazza degli Strozzi, 3, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone: +39 055 267 0239


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Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Italy for International Students (Masters)

At this point, we will be navigating the cheap schools in Italy you can grab a Master’s degree. When you have victoriously gotten a Bachelor’s degree. The next thing should be studying a Master’s program.

Don’t fret, there are super amazing and cheap universities in Italy you can explore at this time of your life.


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Istituto Europeo di Design

Do you wish to study at Istituto Europeo di Design? There is no issue with that. All you need to do is visit the school’s website for the application procedures.

You can pursue a Master’s degree in this university as it is one of the cheapest universities in Italy for International students. If you have the desire to study any course in the design field, you can apply in this direction.

Tuition fee per semester: $13,200 – $21,000 depending on course

Check out  more about Istituto Europeo di Design


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Poli. design is another top-rated university in Italy which one can apply for any Master’s program. See the requirements for application on their webpage.

Tuition fee per semester: $14,500

Check out more about Politecnico di Milano Design School

Centre International de Formation Européenne

Center International de FormationEuropeenne University is one of the cheapest universities in Italy for international students.

They offer the following courses for the Master’s program:

  • MAEIS Applied European Policy and Governance Studies
  • MAEIS Mediterranean Studies
  • MAEIS European Integration and Global Studies
  • Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance
  • Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs
  • Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate DiplomacyExecutive
  • Master in EU StudiesValidation of Non-Formal LearningStatistics

Semester tuition: $11,000

Check out more about Centre International de Formation Européenne


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European University of Rome

This Italy-based University for International students specializes in the following Masters’s degree courses

  • Economy
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Primary Education Science
  • Tourism
  • Scientific Research

Annual tuition: $16,500

Check out more about the Swiss School of Management, European University of Rome

Address: Via Degli Aldobrandeschi, 190, 00163 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 665431


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Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion and Design

Courses taught in this university for Masters students include:

  • Fashion Collection Management
  • Fashion Communication Management
  • Fashion Brand Management
  • Sustainable Fashion Design

Semester tuition: $26,500

Check out more about Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion and Design

Address: Via Monte Napoleone, 5, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 7631 6818

Other Cheap Universities in Italy for International Students

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